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Yes, the drinking water project was successful thanks to Peasant Solidarity's determination and thanks to those of you who supported them financially.

 Considering that 10%  of the world's population still lacks safe drinking water,  this project and its success is in real terms microscopic. However if you do not start somewhere, you will never get anywhere. Reading Etienne Katchelewa's report you will understand that they are on their way.

Please take the time to read Peasant Solidarity's report and browse this Google photo album containing all the photos.

N.G.O. Peasant Solidarity.
Kalima, Maniema/DR.Congo.
Av. Kamisuku II, Quartier Munyangi, Kalima, Pangi, Maniema Province. DR.Congo
Tel: +243 998735042, +243 998735649

Drinking water project. Report re: use of financial assistance for water project 4a/2015.

  1. Project's completion.
  2. Period: 2015.
  3. Project number: 4a/2015.
  4. Project title: Project for access to drinking water in the town of Kalima, Maniema Province in DR-Congo.
  5. Place: Camp Plessy and Camp Famille
  6. Organization with responsibility for the project: Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC
  7. Project's purpose: Access to safe drinking water.
  8. Financial support: This support came from: Stiching Voor Internationale Komunikatie, Foundation WKV.AG, World Association of Green Esperantists and individual esperantists and others throughout the world.
  9. Sum available: €11,500.
  10. Project benificiaries:Kalima citizens, in particular 2,300 families/4200 individuals living in Avenue Camp Plessy, Avenue Toyota and Camp Famille Mapendo.
  11. Start date: 2015.12.14
  12. Completion date: 2016.01.29


In 2013 Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC started solving the drinking water problem that affects the vast majority of Kalima residents. Our first successful project, which cost €3,000 provided General Hospital, Kalima with access to pure drinking water. It was financed by Foundation WKV.AG.

In 2014 the second stage of our plan was also financed ($10,000) by Stiching Voor Internationale Komunikatie, Foundation WKV.AG, World Association of Green Esperantists and individual esperantists and others throughout the world. This enabled us to provide pure drinking water for citizens living in Camp Central. (Fountain Betty, please see report for stage 2.)

At the end of December 2015 we started the third stage of our plan, which has successfully provided clean drinking water for 4,200 citizens living in the Camp Plessy and Camp Famille – districts in the centre of Kalima. As with the previous projects we were funded by the same generous benefactors.

The money (€11,500), which we received paid for the necessary materials (cement, gravel, pipes etc.), the wages for the masons and plumbers and modest grants for the non-skilled helpers. N.B. As the necessary materials were only available in Goma in North Kivus Province they had to be transported to Kalima by lorry and plane.

We started work on the 14th December 2015 and completed it on the 29th January 2016. We drew the water from the same source (Omari Chami station) as we did in 2014 for Fountain Betty. We transported the water using one and two inch pipes the 1,002 meters from Omari Chami Station to Camp Plessy. During this part of the operation we also repaired, where necessary, some of the existing pipes. 


We constructed two water-posts in two different neighbourhoods. Originally Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC planned to construct only one water-post in Camp Plessy. However when Camp Famille residents asked Peasant Solidarity, if it would also be possible to build a water post with two taps for them, we were able to oblige and we built a second one and called it «Fountain Ans». The main water -post with four taps at Camp Plessy is called «Fountain Hans Bakker».

Camp Famille residents, who had been drawing water from ''Fountain Betty'' (built in 2014) now draw their water from their own water-post.

Two committees were established. Their role will be the collection of modest water tariffs and supervision of maintenance and repairs:

Hans Bakker committee. ( Camp Plessy).

Chairman: Mr. Mutuza Musafiri Pul
Treasurer: Mrs. Binigwa Mawazo
Adviser: Mr. Kibwe Minono
Adviser: Mr. Kika Gedeon
Adviser: Mrs.Victorien Elenga 

Ans Bakker committee. (Camp Famille).

Chairman: Mr.Lazare Ngumbi
Treasurer: Mrs.Museme Ngalya
Adviser: Mr. Kibiswa Amisi
Adviser: Mr. Ngabo Kalala
Adviser: Mr. Kulyanzigy Ibonga 


The poor road conditions during the rainy season made it more complicated and difficult to transport the materials. It was difficult working during the rainy season. Another problem was the need to repair some of the old pipes so that the water could flow freely.

The greatest hindrance for future plans is that the water-source that we used for the first three projects is insufficient for any new ones. Because of that we have to use another source. River Abuki is the one we have in mind. 


Budget: $11,500

Material and labour costs

Plastic pipes, adhesive, taps etc.

$ 7,005
Transport in Goma ĝis transport firm
$ 84
Bricks, sand and cement
$ 1080
Transport Goma-Kalima-Kalima
$ 1350
Wages for masons and plumbers

$ 1100
Wages for unskilled workers.
$ 400
Fee to Health Office.
$ 80
Communication: internet and telephone.
$ 50
Wage for project's administrator
$ 350
+ €1


The 3rd stage of the water project went well. Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC extends its sincere thanks to the contributors: Stiching Voor Internationale Komunikatie, Foundation WKV. AG, World Association of Green Esperantists, Esperantists of Uonbulismo, individual Esperanto speakers and non-Esperanto speakers from many different countries.

Paying honour to the memory of Hans Bakker, Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC named one of the water-posts after him; Fountain Hans Bakker and the other in honour of his widow, Fountain Ans.

The projects in the last three years have been successful. Without doubt the provision of clean water for the hospital and the construction of three water-posts has improved the situation in Kalima. However it is not the end of the story. We estimate that 90% of Kalima residents still need access to clean water supplies in their neighbourhoods. Because of this our battle will continue until everybody in the town gets this essential amenity.

Kalima citizens long for your continued support, because they hope that the 4th project in 2016 will solve this problem. We therefore beg you to support us. Please help us by appealing for funds from organisations, foundations and generous public-spirited individuals. Doing this you will help us fulfil achieve our goal, which is to provide everybody in the town of Kalima with clean, safe water.

We propose to do it in the following way. River Abuki is 5 km away from Kalima's town centre. Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC would like to dam the river and make a reservoir, from which we would pipe water into town. This plan is estimated to cost 250,000.

For Peasant Solidarity/PIEADC,
Etienne Katchelewa Kandolo Chairman.

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