tirsdag den 13. oktober 2015


Update about Peasant Solidarity's water project.

We did it! 

At the end of October AVE (Esperanto environmentalist organisation) will send 11,000 euros to Peasant Solidarity, in Kalima, DR.Congo. 

Their team is raring to go and they plan to start work in the middle of November.

Who were the contributors?


7,000 euros were donated by two German foundations:

  Wasserkraft Volk AG   (5,000)

 Stiftung Brücke bei       (2,000) 
4,000 euros were donated by generous individuals, clubs and small organisations in many different countries. 90% of the private contributions came from Esperantists.

Feedback from Kalima.

Etienne Katchelewa and Alphonse Waseka from Peasant Solidarity are delighted, relieved and very grateful. They look forward to  completing the project successfully.

On completion I look forward to sending you a report and photo album.

Thanks to all of you, who supported the collection. Incidentally did you know that water is a recognised


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