lørdag den 24. oktober 2015

One more voice in the wilderness?

From 'in particular' to 'in general'.


Woody M.Collins  writes in general  about D.R.C.'s water problems.

Cholera outbreak

Here is his latest post about the recent water-borne disease cholera's outbreak in DR-Congo.

He asks:

''How far down the Congo River will the current cholera outbreak reach? Kinshasa, the third largest urban area in Africa, with a population of 10 million people lies on the Congo River. …''

He bases his information on a link, that no longer works, but this one does.

When Peasant Solidarity has finished building the second public water post in Kalima, 4,800 people will be less likely to catch the disease.

 However that still leaves 80% of Kalima's residents at risk.
As you will see from the following video, UNICEF  has helped in other parts of DRC, but so far their help has not yet reached Kalima. 

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