søndag den 27. september 2015

Comics are also media

Thanks to all of you generous people, who have already made donations. We have raised 10,460 euros.

Ever dreamt that you reached Heaven and just before you got there the door closed? If we can raise the last 540 euros the door will not slam in their faces.
4,800 people in Kalima are hoping that a successful collection will mean they too will get clean drinking-water.
In 2014 delegates from an Italian charity visited Kalima. They came, they observed, they took lots of photos and then off they went back home again.  It was just an episode, just another disappointment for the people of Kalima.  

Payment options.

1. PayPal: If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate. chatterjeebetty@hotmail.com

2. Danes can either send money to Danske Bank BIC/Swift: DABADKKK 0274-4594628225 
OR by Mobile Pay (+4542211972). Please label the contribution 'water for Kalima 2015'

3. UEA members can send contributions to UEA-konto de AVE: avex-z 
  Goma, D.R. Congo
  Bank : BIAC (International  Bank for Africa in DR-Congo 
Avenue Butembo, Quartier de Turisme, Goma, DR-Congo
Account no. : 37572568701-73

P.S. The three first pictures are based (thanks Caption Distraction Lite) on a photo that I took of a charming statue in Copenhagen. It has been there since 1942 and is said to symbolise youth that look forward to a much better future. Peasant Solidarity was started by young people who are also looking forward to building a better future.

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