onsdag den 1. juli 2015

When will it be our turn?

In 2013 98% of Kalima's residents did not have access to clean piped water.

In 2015 90% are still without it.


In 2013 and 2014

 two successful water projects gave 8% of Kalima's residents piped water near their homes. 



So 8% were jubilant.

and 90% were resentful,

The 90% ask: 

''When will it be OUR turn to get piped water in OUR street?''

That is also why Peasant Solidarity's 3rd clean water project is vital.

Please support them.

Here is my video message with background information. 



All contributions great and small are very, very welcome.

Payment options.
1. PayPal: If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate. chatterjeebetty@hotmail.com
2. Danes can either send money to Danske Bank 0274-4594628225 OR by Mobile Pay (+4542211972). Please label the contribution 'water for Kalima 2015'
3. UEA members can send contributions to UEA-konto de AVE: avex-z
Membroj de UEA povas sendi kontribuojn al UEA-konto de AVE: avex-z

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