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Water for Kalima 2015.

The 22nd February 2015 I posted information about last year's successful campaign to improve the deplorable drinking water situation in Kalima, Maniema Province in DR Congo.

The water supply for far too many of Kalima's residents. This is why they needed and still need our help.

 Here is an excerpt of the report:

''The drinking water project was successful and we sincerely thank all our benefactors: Stiching Voor Internationale Komunikatie, Foundation WKV. AG, Asocio de Verduloj AVE and private contributors. As a result of your generosity a small part of Kalima now has clean running water. Nobody could have ever imagined this before. Certainly the need is enormous, but we hope, that little by little one day the entire town will have clean running water. Understandably we hope, that you will still want to stand by Peasant Solidarity, so that we can together make the lives Kalima's residents happier.
On behalf of Peasant Solidarity /PIEADC. Etienne KATCHELEWA KANDOLO Chairman.''

Please read the full report, as PIEADC's achievement is very impressive.

It was hard work. They had to hack their way through the rainforest to lay the pipes.

This was the end result of last year's campaign; modest  but thoroughly  clean and healthy.

This year Asocio deVerduloj AVE has applied once again to Foundation WKV.AG for a grant for the third stage of the clean water project. The total cost for this year's plan is approximately 10000 euros. AVE is optimistic that the foundation will once again grant them help. However even if they do, there will be a shortfall of 5000 euros. AVE has launched a new collection campaign, so once again I am appealing to your generosity.

 Please help! 

 All contributions great and small are very, very welcome.

Payment options.

1. PayPal: If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate. chatterjeebetty@hotmail.com

2. Danes can either send money to Danske Bank 0274-4594628225 OR by Mobile Pay (+4542211972). Please label the contribution 'water for Kalima 2015'

3. UEA members can send contributions to UEA-konto de AVE: avex-z
Membroj de UEA povas sendi kontribuojn al UEA-konto de AVE: avex-z

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