tirsdag den 1. juli 2014

Your help will make all the difference.

Peasant Solidarity is certain now, that they will get 6000 euros from Wasserkraft Volk AG and AVE. 

What they hope for now is to get another 4000 euros so they can gp ahead and provide safe drinking water for at least some of the Kalima residents.

How many people would benefit?

They would start by providing water for an 8 square kilometer neighbourhood in the centre of Kalima called Munyangi. It has 48000 residents.

If they get the 4000 euros I have been appealing for,  it will mean that 80000 Kalima residents will get an amenity that we take for granted - clean drinking water.

 Please help! All contributions however small are very, very welcome. 

1. PayPal:  If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate. bettychatterjee68@gmail.com

2. Danes can send money to Danske Bank 0274-4594628225. Please include label 'water for Kalima'

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