mandag den 30. juni 2014

Encouraging News!

After receiving some very despondent messages  I have just got some  encouraging news from Kalima.

Wasserkraft Volk AG, the German firm that sponsored Peasant Solidarity's water project in 2012 has promised them another 5000 euros.

 In addition A.V.E. the (Esperanto equivalent of Friends of the Earth) is giving  them 1000 euros. 

 6000 euros will not solve all their water problems, but it will  improve the situation for more  Kalima residents.

Below is a UNEP photo of one of Kalima's  less than perfect water sources.

<< In Kalima, Maniema Province, the Baganda spring box combines several features of poor construction and maintenance including: reduced flow rate, damaged spring box cover, sediment build-up and clogging of the drainage ditch, lack of fence enclosure and upslope footpaths increasing erosion and contamination.>>

This collection looks as though it is going to be depressingly  modest, unless I get a few more contributions.

1. PayPal:  If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate.
2. Danes can send money to Danske Bank 0274-4594628225. Please include label 'water for Kalima'
Please help! All contributions however small are very, very welcome.

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