tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

A momentary sidetrack.

My life is often a hotchpotch, and today I have been (momentarily) sidetracked.

This morning I got a mail from a Chinese esperantist friend, a journalist working for China Radio International. She wanted to tell me about a film competition which she is organizing with friends, colleagues and non-Esperanto associates.

Does anybody fancy a free five-day trip to Beijing?

Do you enjoy making short films?

What comes into your mind when you hear the words 'Tea and Love' ?
 The images and emotions conjured up by this phrase, tea and love, could be the first steps towards winning the first prize in an international short film competition. 

Apart from fame, what can you win?
I have already told you: amongst other things a free five-day trip to Beijing!

Who is hosting the competition?

 Tea + Love. Short film competition.

Entries with soundtracks in any language are welcome, but the subtitles have to be in Esperanto; this is NOT an obstacle, because you do not even have to know Esperanto.
When you have finished the film, get in touch with your local Esperanto organization and they will find somebody willing to translate the soundtrack for you. 

If you are seriously interested in the competition, please get in touch with me and I will send you further information (Esperanto) and once again please get in touch with local esperantists and they will be very pleased to help you.

How do I know they will help you? Because from personal experience I know they are very, very helpful.

 If I started telling you about that, I would be sidetracked far too long.

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