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Wisdom of hindsight.

''If I could live my life again, I would never, ever have ..

Yesterday's attempted assassination of ''one of Pakistan's best known television presenters in the city of Karachi'' made me wonder, not for the first time, why any sensible Pakistani* would choose to become a journalist. You can find many reports about previous crimes like this.

August 2013 BBC reported : '' The mutilated body of journalist Haji Abdul Razzak has been identified by his family, a day after it was found in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi.''

In her article in Al Jazheera about yesterday's event a freelance journalist Rabia Mehmood bluntly stated ''Journalism in Pakistan, a threatened existence''.

Even though Journalism Pakistan claims a slight improvement, Pakistan is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a journalist.

In a previous blog I mentioned how knowing Esperanto and using Social Media have brought me into contact with interesting people, whom I otherwise would never, ever have got to know.

One of them is a Pakistani lawyer and journalist whose special interest for human rights made life so dangerous, not just for him, but also for his wife, son and daughter, that they fled to Nepal and applied to UNHCR for official recognition as refugees.

This happened at the end of April 2013. Since then they have been living in Nepal, where they have been waiting for UNHCR to reach a decision about their fate. Once a month he goes to the UNHCR office and asks for news. ''Be patient'', they say and he goes home to his family and tells them: ''We have to be patient''. Last time he went to the office they told him: ''We will let you know soon.'' They are still waiting for ''soon'' to happen,

I do not play the blame game. UNHCR has an unenviable task. With an estimated 45,2 million displaced persons in the world it is no wonder that applications like this one take a very long time.

Yesterday he told me that he is going back to the UNHCR office on Tuesday.

P.S. * Do I mean he is not a ''sensible Pakistani''? Is it sensible to keep your mouth shut about the abuse of human rights? Are journalists like my friend asking themselves: ''If I could live my life again, I would never, ever have....?

What do you think?

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