torsdag den 17. april 2014

Water and Women's Rights in Kalima.

According to ChartsBin an average Dane uses 120.9 cubic meters water a year and the average person in DR Congo uses only 11.55 cubic meters.

What a big difference, but it is hardly surprising! 

If we had to walk long distances to find water and carry it home again, we too would reduce our water consumption.

In Kalima young girls fetch water for their families. They get up very early, every morning, 365 days a year and walk sometimes a long way to and from the nearest river or lake. A strenuous start to the day like that leaves them with very little energy for other activities. Even worse,  for the following reason, it can also be very dangerous.

Kalima, situated in one of the most unruly parts of the country, is still suffering from the aftermath of the war that started in 1998, which some people call 'Africa's first world war'. Many of the combatants tried to subdue their enemies by raping them. Rape is still very common, and these girls risk rape every morning. Etienne Katchelewa told me that it is a taboo subject so he does not have any statistics, but some of the girls have confided in him. When a rape results in a pregnancy the girl's family often shuns her.

The following video is shockingly informative.


 The successful implementation of Peasant Solidarity's clean-water project would also be a step in the 

right direction for women's rights in Kalima.

Please support the project.

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