onsdag den 23. april 2014

Water and me, water and them

An average Dane uses 129,9 cubic meters of water a year.

Here are the gadgets that help me use my share of water.

A kitchen sink with hot and cold water.

A washing-up machine.

A wash-basin with hot and cold water.

A shower with hot and cold water.

A washing machine.
A water-closet. On the left is a radiator.

If I had had a garden, I certainly would have added a photo of my hose-pipe.

The average Kalima resident, who only uses 11.55 cubic meters a year, would be satisfied with one tap at home, as long as it could provide the family with clean water.

Yesterday somebody sent me a very generous donation for ''The water is Life'' collection. 

151 euros so far - 3849 to go.

If you would prefer to donate by PayPal please send me a mail. bettychatterjee68@gmail.com

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