søndag den 27. april 2014


I should like to share with you Etienne Katchelewa's last message as well as the photos of  him and two of his colleagues in the NGO, Peasant Solidarity.

I had asked him whether all people who started the organisation are still active. He replied, that with the exception of one, who died in 2011, they are all still active.

                                                  Etienne Katchelewa  is the chairman.

Marceline Bora Bahati is Peasant Solidarity's treasurer.

 Déleon Bosenga, the secretary, is also employed at the local custom's office.

Innocent Nkabamusoga is ''a brave young man from Kalima. His job is to transport us by motorbike to other parts of the territory when necessary.

Alphonse Waseka, the only other Esperanto speaker, is the legal consultant.

Except for Alphonse Waseka, they all live in Kalima. Alphonse lives in the town of Goma.

Other people have joined the team and Etienne has promised to forward their photos.

Finally he told me: Even though you have got electricity, water and all the other amenities that we lack, because you sympathize with our situation we consider you as one of us.

Well sympathy is one thing, but they need more than sympathy.

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