mandag den 21. april 2014

Pipe dreams.

In a world where there are countless good causes it is  difficult to promote a new one. As we are all inundated with appeals for help, it often seems overwhelming. Many people already contribute to a charity or charities, and often they choose to do it through a well-established organization. So when they see an appeal like the one I  launched last week,  they ignore it.

 Do  they suspect that the beneficiaries will misuse their money through lack of expertise or even worse?

Last year, Peasant Solidarity's members received 3000 euros from the German firm "WAsserkraft Volk AG" . They spent this money on replacing the existing water pump and pipes for the Kalima General Hospital, which is situated in the district where white settlers lived; the water installations had deteriorated during the 1998 – 2003 war.

Due to their wise use of a relatively small amount of money the hospital and a small number of homes in the vicinity have now got access to clean water.

They want to go further by giving other people in Kalima the same 'luxury' – safe drinking water. Peasant Solidarity has drawn up plans to do this. However without financial support the plans will remain pipe dreams.

My relatively modest goal, the 4000 euros I dream of raising for this project, seems to be a pipe dream too - there are only 30 euros in the kitty.

Please support this cause.

P.S. Are you a new reader? If so please read my other articles on the same topic. (April 2014)

 The hospital.

The new water pump and other equipment.

The district surrounding the hospital.

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