torsdag den 24. april 2014

Campaign continues.

Today I started a Facebook page to promote this campaign.

Here is what I wrote:

''Recently, one of my Esperanto-speaking friends from DR-Congo told me about the problems in his home-town, Kalima in Maniema Province. He then asked me to help him raise money to help solve the most pressing one; the lack of clean drinking water.

Although I already knew the dry facts about high infant mortality, malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water, rape, illiteracy, corruption and desperation in DR Congo, hearing about them from somebody living there, brought these facts painfully home to me. There were two options:
Either to make a few sympathetic comments before finding an excuse to finish the conversation, Or to agree to try and help him.

I chose the second option.

My Congolese friend Etienne Katchelewa is a university trained agronomist. During his student days, he and some of his fellow students founded the association Peasant Solidarity. whose aim was, is and will be to promote socioeconomic and agricultural development in Kalima and the surrounding area. In spite of their very limited funds, they have promoted fish-farming, animal husbandry and courses on improved agricultural techniques.

Peasant Solidarity's top priority for 2014 is to provide safe drinking water.
Only 2,6% of the 136,000 of Kalima residents have access to clean drinking water.
Infant mortality due to waterborne diseases is about 35%.

In most countries it would be the State's responsibility to ensure that citizens do not die from drinking dirty water. The organization REGIDESO has a monopoly for providing drinking water in DR Congo, but unfortunately it does not operate in Kalima or in Maniema Province. So if Peasant Solidarity cannot solve the problem, who will?

Etienne has drawn up two plans with an estimated cost between 247,047 and 861,906 euros. The first plan would provide safe drinking water for part of the town and the second one would solve the problem for everybody.

Has nobody helped them so far? Fortunately, yes.

In 2013 the Association of GreenEsperantists gave them 380 euros which enabled they spent on improving a number of their fish- ponds. Local residents are now able to buy locally produced fish and the modest profits have helped Peasant Solidarity cover other expenses.

In 2013 a German firm, Wasserkraft Volk AG gave Peasant Solidarity 3000 euros, which they spent on drinking water installations for Kalima General Hospital and the surrounding area. It was the first step towards completing their ambitious but absolutely essential project.

It would be a dream come true, if enough ordinary people, like you and me, made enough contributions to raise the 861,906 euros necessary for fulfilling their most ambitious plan.

However let us be realistic. Nobody ever climbed Mount Everest in one day. My primary, cautiously optimistic goal is to raise 4000 euros by1st September 2014. The total so far is 185 euros.

Some of the most kind-hearted people in the world cannot afford to make donations. If you cannot afford to make a contribution, please help the cause by telling your friends and family about it. Of course contributors are welcome to do that too.

Please let this appeal go viral!''

When I began campaigning I suggested that people could contribute by Caremaker. This is still a possibility, but you can contribute in other ways too:

1. PayPal:  If you wish to use this option, please send me a mail informing me, how much you would like to donate.

2. Danes can send money to Danske Bank 0274-4594628225. Please include label 'water for Kalima'

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