mandag den 13. januar 2014


The last few days have been very inspiring.

The Copenhagen Jewish Film festival is an annual event and this year I booked tickets for four films: Hannah Arendt (Germany 2012), Zygmunt Baumann, "The Trouble With Being Human", " Torn" (Israel 2012) and The Gatekeepers (Israel 2012). If I had had the time and inclination I could have chosen many more excellent feature and documentary films,

All four films were presented and chaired by experts and followed up by lively open discussions with the audience.

The film Hannah Arendt presents the true story of the German Jewish philosopher's portrayal of Eichman's defense during his trial in Jerusalem in 1961. She concluded in articles written for the New Yorker and the1963 report on the banality of evil, that he was a mindless nonentity whose blind obedience to authority led him to play his part in the atrocities. This however did not mean, that she considered him innocent; on the contrary he was guilty and deserved his punishment. Hannah Arendt's criticism of some Jewish leaders for their docile obedience to the German authorities outraged many Jews and caused her to lose a number of friends.

This trailer will give you an excellent foretaste of the film. According to this you can watch the whole on Netflix.

P.S. I am making a smooth transition from PC to tablet. 
Well that's because you did not read my last blog!

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