søndag den 12. januar 2014

New year, new challenges!

New year, new challenges!

New day, new challenges. 

Yesterday's first challenge came from my computer; it gave up the ghost! After broadcasting the news to my Facebook friends I went out for a walk, came home and asked myself a relevant question: do I really need a computer?

After all I have got a tip-top iPad that seems to be able to do everything that my computer could do just as efficiently. So far I have only got two reservations:

Can I find a satisfactory text programme?

If I want to print documents I will need to buy a wi-fi printer. However that would be a cheaper option than buying a new computer.

Yesterday,s second challenge came when I went out in the pouring rain: my umbrella blew inside out. Storm in a teacup you might say, and so it would be if I knew where I could buy a storm proof umbrella. A Canadian visitor gave me one once, but it just could not cope with Danish style gales.

Still windy today, but so far no new challenges have blown in my direction.

P.S. This was an experiment. If I succeed in posting it, I may well never buy another computer.

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  1. There are tablet apps for the most used blogging systems - we have experimented with the Wordpress one on an Android tablet.
    I have been told that the Libreoffice people are working on a tablet version of Libreoffice. Google Docs, perhaps?