fredag den 26. oktober 2012

Re. English skills, Denmark came third!

According to this report from a private language school: Denmark is the 3rd most successful nation in the world as far as English skills are concerned. Congratulations to Norway , who came 1st and to the Netherlands. who came 2nd.

How did our neighbouring countries perform? Sweden was 4th, Germany 8th and Poland 10th...

26th July 2012 was the 125th anniversary of the publication of the first Esperanto textbook, whose author was Ludoviko Zamenhof. To commemorate this event Esperanto associations in many countries have staged or are staging various events.

For example in Poland an Esperanto Conference and Exhibition: "125-years of Esperanto" has been on view in the Polish Senate since the 17th of October. The following film includes information about the foundation of the Parliamentary Group for the support Esperanto in the Polish Parliament. There is also an interview with the Esperantist business man and philanthropist Etsuo Miyoshi.

Three vice-presidents of the Polish Sejm (lower house of Polish parliament) and senate, a number of M.P.s, the cultural attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw, journalists and several esperantists from four other countries, in all seventy participants attended the inauguration ceremony which you can see part of in  this

Esperanto Forening for Danmark will also  celebrate the occasion at the annual Danish book fair taking place at Bella Center.

You can read further information in Danish here.

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