onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Plagiarism pure and simple!

Are you interested in reading about tourist attractions in Bangalore? If so, you might like to read this excellent article about Karnataka in Bangalore published the 18th November 2011.

After that I suggest you read this one on the same topic published the 20th December 2010.

Comparing the two texts you will find they are identical.

If you would like to read more about what India has to offer I suggest you read the following articles. This one was published the 19th October 2010. 

Then compare it with the following published the 18th June 2010.

Once again the texts are identical!

Unless you happen to believe in time-machines it is obvious who copied whom.

For some reason or other, the word plagiarism in my ears always seems less obnoxious than the synonyms quoted, as follows from the Longman Synonym Dictionary: piracy, theft, robbery , stealing, pilferage, appropriation, userpation, assumption, deception and imposture.

Stealing intellectual property is just as contemptible as any other kind of theft.

Cases like this raise many issues:

How many more of Nita Mukherjee's articles have been pilfered?

How can she or others prevent this type of thing happening to them?

How can bloggers effectively safeguard their copyrights?

My own attitudes to plagiarism were formed in 1954. I attended a grammar school where good conduct was at least as important as scholastic achievements. We had a school magazine, whose editor selected only the most outstanding contributions.

One day our headmistress summoned the entire school to an extra-ordinary assembly. Quivering with fury she announced that two girls had had the audacity to submit poems written by Wordsworth as their own creations. To make matters worse, no one had noticed the blunder until after the magazine had been printed. That day we became aware of a new moral pitfall: plagiarism. The plagiarists in question were shamed very publically, and on returning to our classrooms we were all issued with white labels, which we then pasted over the poems.

In a globalised and digital world, whom can we turn to?

 Is it reasonable that hardworking, creative writers, for whom writing often is a bread and butter question, should be cheated in this way? 

8 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks, Betty! Am grateful for all your help and support.

  2. You're absolutely right, Elinjo, this is an outrage. Considering how seriously plagiarism is taken by long established writers, Nita should be due some heavy compensation, or at least a free holiday from the travel firm!

    Well said.

  3. What a good idea, Rockingrector! A free holiday or perhaps a percentage of the firm's profits as a result of Nita's informative blog.

  4. Thanks to both of you for your concern and support. Just an update--I wrote to 5 of the sites where this plagiarist had posted most of the articles; 3 responded by deleting the articles, 2 have not bothered. So the next step will be to write to the servers--isn't a waste of time and energy! Will keep you posted!

  5. You're welcome Nita. I do hope your persistence pays off in the end.

  6. An update: managed to get the articles off all the sites, after persistently writing to the owners! They still remain on the plagiarist's blog, so trying to figure out how to tackle that! Thanks again for all the support and encouragement! Will mail soon!

  7. Good for you, Nita! Just shows that persistence often pays off in the end.Thank you for keeping me posted about your progress.