lørdag den 8. oktober 2011

They are on their way.

The grandchildren are on their way; the two most wonderful children in the whole world. Yes, I know.All grandparents say the same about their children's children, and trite though it may seem, it is one of those universal laws.

 How do I get ready to greet my granddaughter aged ten and my grandson aged five?

Toys, games and books.

 They know where to find them: My grandson's favourite is a train-set. Although he probably will be disappointed that I have not moved on to Star War's gear. His big sister comes prepared with her I-pod. 

My grandchildren would probably disown me, if I forgot those.

 Stool and bathroom-door key.

Without a stool they can neither reach the washbasin to wash their hands or the kitchen table to help make the pancake batter. I never leave the key in the bathroom lock, because sometimes young children wanting their privacy lock themselves in and cannot get out again; it did actually happen once....

 Photo albums.

I am custodian of the family albums, and the grandchildren enjoy browsing through them:

'Who's that?' they ask.
 'Your mum.'
'Why did she have such short hair?'
 'Because it was easier that way'.
 'Who's that, then?'
 'YOU had long ringlets!

 'It used to hurt having my hair done. That's why I decided that your mum should have short hair.'

 'What was your favourite song, when you were little?'

''Teddy bear's picnic'

 'Oh, Mormor (Danish for Granny - literally mother's mother) this one's much cooler!'

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