mandag den 26. september 2011

Why bother to blog?

I scrapped my last English blog, only because it fell foul of a virus. Whom to blame? An unidentified evil genius with a dubious sense of humour, or myself?  Probably the latter, as I do tend to get carried away by widgets and other digital temptations. Anyway, as my true friends and followers decided it was too risky to go on reading my page, I deleted it.

No doubt, if I had had the patience to wade through blogs with incomprehensible (for me at least) I might have resucued it. However I reasoned, , it only takes a couple of minutes to create a new page, so why bother? Two years on, I have found the time to spend a few minutes to create this one. No more weird and wonderful widgets for me. Instead I will get down to the nitty-gritty and start blogging.

Why do WE bother to blog?

This not just a rhetorical question; please feel free to comment.

I blog because:

I find the written word more pleasing than the spoken.

I should like to tell people about the people and things that interest me.

Life can be confusing and it helps me (at least) to sort it out on paper – sorry- on my computer screen.

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park used to be one of my favourite places to be. Although I never dared to jump on a soapbox myself. Blogging is much more convenient: no risk of getting soaked to the skin, hecklers are less of a problem and if you make a mistake, you can always delete it, before anybody else notices it. Check this out other people have already got the idea.

Am I writing this blog because I want to save the world?  NO! With my 70th birthday pending, I'm beyond harbouring  delusions.

Blogging is fun.

What interests me?

Languages especially Esperanto.

Current events.

Music especially songs.

People in general.

My surroundings;

 for example this view from my balcony. 26th September 2011.

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